Treatment Modalities

Turning Point Integrative Health Center offers the best of both worlds; a top-notch family practice medicine office, combined with a more integrative and functional approach to achieving true health. We focus on prevention and wellness, rather than simply treating disease states with traditional prescription and allopathic remedies. When you are with us, you will always receive patient-focused care in a calming, un-rushed atmosphere.

In addition to providing routine primary care services, we also provide holistic solutions for hormone imbalance and deficiency weight loss, autoimmunity, chronic pain and inflammation, Lyme disease, mold exposure/toxicity, cardiometabolic challenges including diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure, cancer, gastrointestinal dysfunction, food sensitivities, and ADD/ADHD. 


Integrative Health Therapies



bio-identical hormone Therapy

An imbalance or deficiency in hormones can wreak havoc on your health and overall quality of life.  We specialize in all forms of BHRT for both men and women, including pellet therapy, creams, and custom compounds.


Dr. Sivieri offers medical acupuncture for a variety of conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety, and overall wellness. Acupuncture can provide powerful, synergistic benefits to our other treatments. 

family medicine

From a sore throat, to chronic disease management and everything in between, we offer personalized, integrative medicine solutions for your primary care needs.  We focus on disease prevention and functional medicine treatment modalities to keep your whole family healthy.  

pain management

Pain management using an integrative medicine approach means we look for the root cause of your pain, rather than just providing a band aid for your symptoms.  We utilize the latest diagnostic tools, then customize a treatment plan based on your individual needs.


Nutrition is an essential element to achieving and maintaining true health.  We take the time to do a thorough nutritional assessment and provide personalized recommendations based on your unique biochemistry, test results, and health challenges. 


Please call Valerie Lapcinski, LMT at 443-538-5318 to book appointments.  (ANNAPOLIS OFFICE, ONLY.) 
Therapeutic Massage sessions include a combination of the following techniques: 
• Swedish
• Deep Tissue
• Myofascial
• Hot Stone
• AIS Method
• Trigger Point
• Cranial Sacral
• Manual Lymph Drainage

healthy weight loss

With so much information out there, and so many weight loss programs to choose from, trying to lose weight on your own can be confusing, and often very difficult.  We provide a thorough diagnostic work-up to identify underlying metabolic dysfunction that may be hindering your efforts.  We then provide several medically-supervised healthy weight loss solutions including personalized coaching and customized nutrition plans.  

natural treatments for autoimmune disease

Conventional treatments for autoimmune conditions often don't address the underlying cause and triggers for autoimmune activity in the body.  Our approach involves a more holistic view of your unique biochemistry and focuses on re-balancing the proper immune response.  

medical cannabis

 Dr. McDevitt is available for medical cannabis certification.  We believe medical cannabis can be a useful adjunctive therapy for certain individuals.  Our approach is to go beyond the traditional certification process and ensure that our patients have received a thorough diagnostic work-up to look for the root cause of their symptoms.  We can often offer additional treatment recommendations that work synergistically with the medical cannabis.

women's health

We provide a full-range of women's health care, including routine well-woman exams and breast thermography.  In addition, we specialize in hormone issues that commonly occur to both pre- and post-menopausal women.  From PMS to infertility to menopausal symptoms, as well as thyroid or adrenal problems, we offer the latest diagnostic tests, as well as a customized solution to help re-balance your hormones and improve your quality of life.  

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